Latvian Dental Hygienists' Association was established on 30th of August, 1997

as non-governmental organization with an aim – to promote the professional development of Latvian Dental Hygienists.

At that time there were 48 qualified dental hygienists from 2 Alumni.

During the foundation general meeting Statutes were adopted, 4 board members and president elected.

Anda Mironova was elected as the first president and stayed in this position for next 10 years.

LZHA joined The Internationl Federation of Dental Hygienists - IFDH – on 2nd of June, 1998 in Florence and was a first member organization from Eastern Europe

Association was represented by three delegates: 
Anda Mironova – the president of association
Irina Demčilo – Dental Hygienist
Egita Senakola – the director of Dental Hygienists School

The15th IFDH Symphosium on 2nd-5th of August, 2001 was attended by LZHA President Anda Mironova and establishers of the Academic Scool of dental Hygienists - prof.Egita Senakola and prof.Anda Brinkmane.

Ingrida Smuka becomes LZHA president on October, 2007, but on October, 2009 Gunta Dukse takes place in this position.

On July, 2010 latvian delegates attend IFDH Symphosium in Glasgow, Scotland. 

On 11th November, 2014 Gunta Dukse becomes The President of LZHA repeatedly and The Board members are voted for next 4 years oppose to previous ellections which were run every 2 years.

On 13th October, 2012 there was first Golden Tooth Brush nomination ceremony organised and nominations handed to the best dental hygienists accross Latvia.

There were already 235 members of LZHA on February, 2014.

Association organises CPD events every or every other month which are attended by dental hygienists, assistants, dentists and others interested in these events.

In October, 2015 Ieva Čače (ex Apsite) becomes the President of LZHA and continues in this position today.

There are also Board elections taking place,and all five Board members are replaced due to previous members giving up their positions after honorable time spent together in their posts.

In October, 2018 LZHA joines The European Dental Hygienists Federation (EDHF) during voting in Israel. Latvia is beeing represented by two delegates - both Board members.

The International Dental Hygienits' Day is beiing celebrated on second wednesday in October every year.

Every October Dental Hygiene months is celebrated internationally.

During the period between 1995 untill 2003 there were 177 dental hygiene graduates in The Academic School of Dental Hygiene in Riga, Latvia.
Since autumn, 2007 there are students enrolled on First level programme for the qualification as dental hygienist, run 2 years on full time study programme. Requirements and further information can be FOUND HERE >>>

LZHA promotes dental hygiene profession by organizing further education seminars and conferences and collaborates with similar professional organizations in Latvia and other countries.